Birth Name: Lucille Fay Le Sueur
Born: March 23, 1904, San Antonio, TX
Died: May 10, 1977, New York, NY

Hollywood Perfectionist

oan Crawford's extraordinary career encompassed 45 years and some 80 films. Spotted in a chorus line by MGM and signed in 1925, her portrayal of a "flapper" in her 21st film, OUR DANCING DAUGHTERS (1928), made her a star. Crawford maintained this status throughout the remainder of her career, but not without setbacks. Despite a mature and impressive performance in THE WOMEN (1939), Crawford continued to be given less-than-challenging roles by the studio.  
In 1942 Crawford left MGM and her career took a decided upward turn after she signed with Warner Bros. the following year. In numerous Warner Bros. melodramas and films noirs, a new Crawford persona emerged: intelligent, often neurotic, powerful and sometimes ruthless, but also vulnerable and dependent. Memorable roles in MILDRED PIERCE (1945)for which she won an Academy Award, HUMORESQUE (1946) and POSSESSED (1947)  
Later, with the exception of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1962), Crawford's performances of the 60s were mostly self-caricatures in second-rate horror films (BERSERK, 1967, TROG, 1970), and the film she'd love to forget JOHNNY GUITAR (1954).

Crawford was married to actors Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Franchot Tone and was portrayed as a cruel and calculating mother by Faye Dunaway in the 1981 film, MOMMIE DEAREST, based on a biography by her adopted daughter Christina. The film was made famous for this line